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NY Medicaid Fraud Attorney

September 18 2016

NY Medicaid Fraud Attorney

A Business Is Charged

A business that’s charged with Medicaid fraud will have a more difficult time proving their case in some instances that a person who is charged with the same product. Businesses that deal with Medicaid have a lot of records that they must keep, and missing records, incomplete records, or no records at all may be the downfall of the business, especially if they’re trying to prove that they have not committed fraud. Businesses may commit Medicaid fraud when they are accepting Medicaid for payment but are overcharging dedicated, charging Medicaid when no services have been rendered, or other types of fraudulent activity that have to do with Medicaid. Since businesses are easy to rack up large quantities of fraud with Medicaid, it’s not unusual for a business to be shut down and lose hundreds of thousands F not millions of dollars once they are charged with Medicaid fraud, especially when they can no longer accept Medicaid as payment. A NY medicaid fraud attorney should be obtained by any business that’s been charged with Medicaid fraud.

A Person Is Charged

Many people who are charged with Medicaid fraud have either obtained it’s fraudulently or possibly used it fraudulently. The same way a person uses food stamps and a fraudulent way to purchase alcohol and other nonfood items is the same way that they may use their Medicaid to make payment for something that Medicaid would not normally pay for. Typically, a person obtains Medicaid by lying about any income that they are receiving or about the amount of children in their home. In cases of both a business and a person being charged with Medicaid fraud, both parties should obtain an attorney, and it’s wise to make sure that the attorney that’s obtain deals in Medicaid fraud specifically.

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