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New York Medicaid Fraud Attorney Can Save Your Benefits

February 14 2016

New York Medicaid Fraud Attorney Can Save Your Benefits

New York Medicaid Fraud Attorney Can Save Your Benefits

If you have been placed under investigation for reasons listed in your letter concerning Medicaid fraud, the seriousness of this matter can not be understated. While you may think the issue is small and not an urgent matter, let the time elapse and you could be facing an uphill climb. If the time to respond has passed because you have not placed enough importance on the issue, the courts will come down on your very harshly to say the least. The best thing that you can do is consult with your local NY ​medicaid fraud attorney so they can help you to understand what potential consequences await.

The Reason You Were Selected

The reasons the investigation team sent out the notice that you must appear in front of the review board can be quite diverse. There are many reasons that are considered low priority like incorrect mailing address or missing asset, while on the higher end you could have been found misleading the counsel concerning the money that you make each week. Your NY Medicaid fraud attorney can show you how to resolve the issue quickly before the courts rule against you for non-compliance.

The Penalty for Fraud

If you think that you can go to the court to explain what happened without the aid of a local NY Medicaid fraud attorney, be prepared for the worst case scenario then. The judge can hand down severe penalties if you do not convince the court that they are in fact wrong. If the ruling against you is on the low-end, you might have to fix the error, pay a fine, and move on. However, as the fraud escalates, so do the penalties. In addition to having the benefits stopped today, the courts can demand you repay every penny you have received up this this last check.

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