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What the NY Medicaid Fraud Attorney Can Do For Your Case

February 17 2017

If you have recently been notified that you must appear to the charges of Medicaid fraud, the clock has starting ticking on your time to begin gathering information. Too many people get what is called analysis paralysis, and they simply do nothing and then show up to court thinking they will get a favorable ruling from a sympathetic judge. This is usually not what happens, as judges trying these cases are getting more frustrated each year by the mounting cases being brought to them.

Here is how the NY Medicaid fraud attorney will help you to get a more favorable ruling in your case.

Your NY Medicaid fraud attorney will take a closer look at that correspondence you received and be in the best position to tell you how to proceed. Your lawyer sees these type cases on a weekly basis and understands what it will take to give the judge the chance to rule favorably. What may appear like severe charges to you could easily be satisfied with some paperwork, while simple charges you might want to overlook could be severe enough that warrant harsh penalties.

Once your NY medicaid fraud attorney has gathered all the evidence they need to present to the court, you can rest assured they will be working on your behalf to get the best possible decision. They know the judge has the power to hand down a number of severe fines, suspend the benefits for different times, and even demand you start paying back a portion or all of the benefits that you have received up to a certain point or beyond.

So now that you know what you should be working with a skilled attorney, get moving before too much time passes and they do not have enough time to prepare your case for victory.

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