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Protect Your Future with a NY Medicaid Fraud Attorney

August 16 2016

Protect Your Future with a NY Medicaid Fraud Attorney

Protect Your Future with a NY Medicaid Fraud Attorney

When you are notified the courts want to speak with you concerning fraud and the Medicaid system, this is one instance where you should not try to attempt to fight the charges on your own. The penalties could impact you financially for many years if you are unsuccessful, and a judge will not have any sympathy for you when you show up alone to explain yourself. The best thing that you can do for yourself is to get a local NY medicaid fraud attorney to help you out of this mess.

Why Hire a Lawyer?
The big reason that you should hire a lawyer when you are notified you are under suspicion for NY Medicaid fraud, the lawyer is in that court each week and sees exactly what it takes to satisfy the judge. If you were to try and make heads or tails of your notification letter, you could mistake some key piece of information and show up for your one chance to defend yourself unprepared. There are no second chances here, the judge is going to grow very impatient and come down hard if he feels you did not take this issue serious and at the least consult with a lawyer.

Getting the Charges Reduced
If the judge is going by the evidence and must hand down a certain penalty, your local NY Medicaid fraud attorney has the ability to negotiate with the court a lesser sentence. The judge will hand down a fine depending on the severity of your case. They will suspend your benefits, and if needed, they can also permanently stop them. In some cases, if the neglect was so bad, without a lawyer you may have to pay back a small portion or possibly every benefit that you have received up to the date you are in court.

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