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Why Consult with a Medicaid Fraud lawyer?

July 18 2017

Why Consult with a Medicaid Fraud lawyer?

What is Medicaid?

Medicaid Insurance is a health insurance program tailored and sponsored by the State government of New York to assist individuals and families going through a tough time and who meet particular income and asset requirements. Medicare Fraud is the term used to refer to fraudulent activities orchestrated to obtain benefits from the program. Medicare fraud applies to both providers and applicants. While provider fraud applies to Medicaid providers like hospitals and dentists fraudulently send the program invoices for services rendered, applicant fraud applies to individuals receive Medicaid benefits through fraud.

Are You Being Investigated?

If and when you fall under investigations, you might not be aware. Remember that agents who handle applications do not necessarily conduct all due diligence to prevent accidental or intentional fraud. To cover up, they might not inform you when you are being investigated. They will only ask around and even lead you into giving information that might likely incriminate you. It is not always the case, but law firms that have been offering legal services to Medicaid Fraud Defendants confirm that they have indeed encountered such cases.

Embracing the Burden of Due Diligence

If the Human Resource Administration agents who conduct these applications cannot be keen enough and conduct due diligence to protect Medicaid and yourself from accidental fraud, you might as well as do it yourself. Contact a reliable and reputable Medicaid Fraud lawyer for some consultation. Spodek Law Group P.C. is a pioneer law firm in handling such cases, and they offer free consultation.

Speak to Human Resource Administration investigators through your Medicaid Fraud lawyer. You have the right to be represented, and you do not have to speak to the investigators directly. They only send target letters requesting an interview. The letters are request letters and do not put you under any legal obligation to comply as they are not Subpoenas. For more info click on NY medicaid fraud attorney.

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