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Selecting the Right Lawyer to Handle your Medicaid Fraud Cases

June 17 2017

When a person is being accused of medical fraud they can be facing a lot of trouble. In some cases this fraud can be due to a person filling out the paperwork incorrectly or not understanding what the paperwork was asking them. If a person is accused of medical fraud in the state of New York they need to hire a medical fraud lawyer right away. This lawyer can help to keep them out of jail.

These medical fraud lawyers have several offices throughout New York. They also have phone numbers where they can be reached 24 hours a day every day of the week. A person can call for a free consultation. They can tell the lawyer a little bit about their case and the lawyer can advise them of the next step. The medical fraud lawyer will take a look at the initial application that a person has filled out when they were applying for Medicaid. They will also look at the renewal application to see where a person has made a mistake. This will determine if the lawyer can help them and what kind of assistance is going to be needed.

The lawyer will work hard to have the claim dismissed. If a person has made an error they did not commit fraud. If it is not possible to have the case thrown out then the lower will look at reducing the charges and getting the person a reduce penalty. This can save a person from having to face criminal or civil charges. If a person is convicted they may have to go to jail. The NY medicaid fraud attorney will work hard to keep a person protected and show that the fraud was really just a mistake.

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