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Working With the NY Medicaid Fraud Attorney

April 12 2016

Working With the NY Medicaid Fraud Attorney

Working With the NY Medicaid Fraud Attorney

If you are ever notified that you have become the subject of an investigation for Medicaid fraud, the first thing that you must do is to seek out the help of the professionals in this field. The local NY medicaid fraud attorney spends a ton of time each month in the courts on this specific issue, and you could benefit greatly by positioning yourself with an expert.

Understanding the Extent of the Letter

The NY Medicaid fraud attorney will be able to read the letter that you received an be able to make heads or tails of exactly what you are being accused of. In many cases the wording seems so complicated that people tend to panic and think the worst right out of the gates. The truth is that it could simply be a case of you not updating your address after moving or some other clerical issues that is a simple fix. Even these instances however can become huge problems if you do not take the time to address the court and resolve the issue by the deadline.

Reducing the Charges and Penalty

If you are not sure what is being asked of you or what the penalties would be for not fixing the issue, your NY Medicaid fraud attorney can certainly help you. In some cases the penalty for fraud can be losing the benefits for a time until the issue is resolved. In other cases you could be be fined for something or you could be in the position of losing the benefits altogether. As bad as it might seem to have the benefits stopped, that is not the end of the trouble you could be facing. Without the help of the NY Medicaid fraud attorney, you could have to pay back all your benefits up to this point.

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